Gibraltar song festival 2010 photos

Stage and lights... ready for the off!



NÉSTOR RIVERO - Winner of the 2010 Gibraltar song festival

GILES RAMIREZ - winner of the second prize

HENRY VALERGA - winner of the third prize


Andrea Simpson (Martin) and dancers - Gibraltar

María Eugenia Moreno - Spain

Michael McDermid (Outbox) - UK

Giles Ramirez - Gibraltar

Just Luis - Australia/Spain

Rico (Henry Valerga) and dancers - Gibraltar

Ester de Pazos - Spain

Acknowledging the difficulties presented by the current economic crisis, both for our valued sponsors, as well as those GSF finalists who would have to travel to Gibraltar to participate in the Finals Gala, the GSF 2009 Board of Directors has decided to postpone the event. The Finals Gala will now be held on Saturday, 27 March, 2010. The venue remains the same, and the deadline for submissions has been extended accordingly. Please check our website for all the relevant details.
Full details are specified in the Rules page. Fill in the form, send us your music and good luck!

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by the Ministry of Culture, Government of Gibraltar.

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